Raised by my parents into a world of handicraft business; I found myself travelling the same artistic yet different journey, fueled by my passion for arts. Hello! I am Marilou, and I am a graphic designer and artist.

“Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!” I adore and love creating artworks for babies and kids. Their cute little cheeks, bright eyes and innocent smiles inspire me a lot to pursue a business for babies. Cuddledo is a trendsetting online boutique offering first-rate products. We also have limited edition and seasonal items fit for your budget. We will be introducing more new exciting items for your little ones. Not only that, but we ensure to offer a wide-range of fantastic merchandise of the best quality because your baby deserves the best.


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Let me share to you about my daughter! So proud of her, I always remember the years I spent my life with her to hold dear to the simple moments; cherish the little snuggles and lots of giggles. She was a toddler when I met her. And she grew up so fast, yet she will always be my little angel. I never know I could love and care so much until the days I became a mom to a lovely, thoughtful, bright, and now a matured young lady, funny... high in spirit... and oh! She plays guitar and piano, and she's a good swimmer, too! So many good things about her. She knows where to push the right button. No wonder, a dull moment can't ever be sensed when we're together. Our most fun time is to chitchat, and we don't missed shopping and dining out. We have such a great, loving mom-kid relationship!


Our designs reflect cherished memories of younger days. We make sure our products are long-lasting and last play dates after play dates. We are committed to offer adorable, fun, fashion forward, and excellent quality products for your kids. Being a graphic designer sure has advantages: our selections are carefully picked out designs while keeping the price affordable, and with our great suppliers we commonly order a sample for a quality test and approval. We ensure to deliver products definitely suited for your budget. If you find an exact item at a lower price, we will match it and give you a store credit within 30 days of receipt. Feel free to send us a message! Enjoy shopping!


It is tough to get your kids up and going in the morning, so we want to help brighten your day and give your kids extra shine. We hope that our clothing and wide-selection of products start and end your day with a smile and excitement!

Thank you for shopping... Marilou